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Horzion: Zero Dawn - Tallneck model (2)

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    Tibo Gabriels

More parts have been printed! Sadly more parts came out subpar. I've had some issues with warping and uneven extrusion. Both head parts were finished, sadly the edges warped up wich would ruin the merge. I'm considering using plastic putty, or doing them again. Otherwise they came out great!


Aside from this, I also printed out more body parts, including a tiny to scale Aloy model! Here you can see the quality issues i mentioned. I will redo the neck atleasts. The main body seems good enough after a paint job i hope. Speaking of paint! I got the fancy compact compressor for use with an airbrush. I look forward to getting the rest of a kit. Painting has always been intimidating for me but I'd like to take a look.

body parts


metabo compressor

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